The Winter Secrets

Secrets of Winter..

Winter is setting in and this period is the onset of chilly weather in a large part of the world. The  Northern Hemisphere gets bouts of cold weather this time around. It is a good season for many who can afford to keep themselves warm and tedium for those who can’t.

But there are certain things I found that were helpful.. Here’s my share of secrets.

  1. Kidney stones. Winter is a time when our water consumption reduces severly. .this exacerbates those who have had previous round of Kidney Stones. So those who have this problem.. Beware.. Drink lots of water .. Even if you are not thirsty..particularly at meal times. This is one very important advice to avoid a chronic occurrence.
  2. Socks. Some can have severe levels of ..ugh…. And somehow they are totally unaware of it.Much to the discomfort of those in their surroundings.  How to overcome this?? The root cause of this is that like our hands even our feet perspire and in winter they don’t dry quickly.  So the best thing is to leave shoes in the little bit of sun that is around ( and even the socks too) . This dries the perspiration and odour naturally. Also for severe sweaty guys , a bit of talcum in shoes and socks helps a lot ..please…
  3.  Carrots.. Best for the eye .. High level of beta-carotene is found in carrot in winter. Gives good quality for Vitamin A for the eyes.. Of course the Gajjar halwa  helps..and many other Carrot dishes abound in this time..Right time for mothers to prep up their kids with the same.
  4.  Moisturizer. Use them well. Select the good ones. Apply generously on hands, face and yes  on lips ,legs and feet too. Good moisturizers retain their thickness and feel better if you put them in the refrigerator. Try it and see.. You are sure to enjoy the cold feel that has trapped in all the moisture. Apply moisturizers on slightly wet skin for effectiveness and long lasting nature.
  5. Comfort. Yes we feel very comfortable and our efficiency is very high in winter. Take this time to accelerate the work you can do in the short winter days.. And long winter nights..and enhance planning for the New Year and celebrate round the year ..

Have a great winter. Light up some lovely bonfires and enjoy the warmth.

 Ajesh Kamania