The Blogging feeling

Well its a great adventure to write your own Blog. Publishing can be a crazy thing especially after a great lifetime of criticising or appreciating other works.

But it is good to get your voice out in the open and Blog a little. I am sure it will help me vent out my ideas and emotions to the rest of the world. Maybe the indulgence in mental catharsis will be good for me.I hope things will look good after time progresses and I get down to penning something meaningful.

There are so many things one likes to leave for posterity and doing a blog seems like a great rocking way to do so. One does have many reasons to write and I am sure it will give many people a great insight into my thinking and methods.

Hope I am able to mature as I go along.


3 thoughts on “The Blogging feeling

  1. Dad, I am just picking on you but there is an ‘i’ that is not in caps lock and in line 7 there is a typo in ‘doing a’.
    Well I just like harassing you.
    Anyways it is an awesome blog.
    Keep going daddy.

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