Family News

A family is usually great. So is mine.
With a large extended one we have the excellent back up and support of the bigger ecosystem that allows us to grow and prosper.

The kids are doing well. Dhara is doing her Degree in Broadcast Journalism at Temple University and Divya has joined her recently at Embry Riddle University at Florida. Both the girls are focused on their education and careers. They have both carved a name for themselves in the local community they live and are doing us proud all the time.

The boys are playing catch up very fast. Kunal ( our Bill Gates) is powering his way through 10th standard in school. He is getting ready for abig challenge in his life. A small mishap on his scooter has put him in difficulty for some time but knowing his ability to bounce back and his sharp intellect he will arrive on the scene very soon

Vinesh of course is close on his heels in the 9th std. He was offered a Singapore Scholarship recently but he seems to be aimning higher in the world. I am sure his progress will be equally good.

What have we done as parents.

Provided them with Books, schools, woken up with them to pack them off and millions of other things. Of course we encouraged them in school programs, sports, recitations and all the usual gamut of things they needed.

A great super Sunday Breakfast is the time we spend together as a family but otherwise we are all busy tackling the support systems we have created.

Priyanka and Bhavi are sharpening up. Priyanka is catching up and Bhavi with a passion for reading is the Charles Dickens of the house.
With tuitions, TV and tensions we have enjoyed this journey as parents and we are proud of all of you.


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