The homecoming of the fledglings..

It is one of the exciting moments of life.. To welcome home a child every time they come home..this is one of the great joys of life..

The father is counting days and hours and wishing soon my kid will be home. All days become moments of fun and happiness. Even strangers wonder why this guy is smiling to himself . So much of planning going on in his head.. A whirr of activity happening  till the little ones land.

 How will they know? 
Of course every waking moment revolves around the moment the kid’s flight is homeward bound and waiting for touch down at the  airport. 

The. Mother has her own methods. She will spruce and clean up the house. She will dust and mop and arrange and  rearrange the entire house. Sometimes turning everything and everyone upside down.

She will plan and prepare the child’s favourite meal and keep her room ready. More is her anxiety and awaiting at the child’s homecoming. She is quiet, methodical and composed and collected in her own dignified way. God bless mothers. 

The rest of the house is also doing something small and big to ensure that the homecoming is splendid and memorable. It is a celebration like no other. The uncles and aunts are also planning those special small things to make the coming day memorable and a big occasion.

But who is the one who is gearing up more than anyone.

Sometimes the one person is the grandmother. 

She has informed all her old foggy friends that my little baby is on her way home. She is coming on so and so date. She has offered special prayers and blessings and planned a temple visit for the child too. So things come to a head for her too. It is one special day in her life too. And she is determined to make the best out of it.

Oh dear. How we look forward to those nice days.

Welcome home.. Little one..the smiles are awaiting.. The hugs of welcome and the tears of happiness. Aloha.