The morning walk.

Well having taken to morning walking these days I  find a lot of things about the people who come for the morning sojourn.

There are firstly the fashion conscious types. You can see them with the latest labels and they have the invariable earphones sticking out from their branded togs. They are the nouveau chic and the hep crowd just in from Dubai after the Diwali Holidays. The others are the real loud ones. They walk with their small radios, mobiles turned on at full volume. Can’t miss them at all.

But then the real serious ones are those that come in early and stay till late plus busy talking shop albeit a bit more loudly so that everyone is tuned into their broadcast and comments. Must eavesdrop into some of these conversations and get a few market tips and gossip.

But the keep fit all the time  ones are  aplenty. A 3 km walk around the Race Course Ring road can do wonders for the observation powers of us. We see the long lost friends and the real fast walkers. Some of them are able to keep on walking and shouting ” Hey  doc..” and then I look at him bewildered and though not a Doc I realize he has mistaken me for someone else..All I pray is that this will happen only once as otherwise the wife who now started walking with me.. ( more seriously ) will start doubting me and my double life.. After all these TV soaps always have these archetypes who introduce a long lost spouse, lady love  after 50 episodes..or so.

Well let me end with a few tips on how to do good in the daily walk for maximum benefit.

1. A strong brisk walk in the morning of 3 kms of 30 minutes. Target to do 2 rounds after 2 months. This should be started with light exercises and end with the same

2. A Medium pace walk in the evening BEFORE dinner of at least 20 minutes plus. Helps to clear away days worries, builds a light appetite and gets you comfortable to sleep

3. Cardio. Exercises  light weights with dumbells, 20 push ups, 10 minutes Yogic deep breathing in the terrace at least twice a week for all round circulation and Brain food.

So here we go and let us attain deep oxygen, less stress and better ability to face the bigger challenges.

Have fun and a Happy walking day.

Ajesh Kamania


10 thoughts on “The morning walk.

  1. Ajesh Sir… I know the title is morning walk, but eventually the purpose is betterment of health and hence I got motivated to chip in my 2 cents on this blog…..You remind me of my days of exercise when I was in India. Started when we moved to our home which is exactly opposite of ring road in 1993. I used to jog from home circle the ring road and back home 20 mins. Did that for years till 2000 when I moved here in Canada… Everything fell apart till this year March-2013. Between these years I used to do some light-mid exercise but not frequently…and ALWAYS missed those days back in India when we had ‘time’… Anyways but this year went really good..At work they came up with a competition: ‘To reduce the body fat which is toughest and then the body weight’ which is easier then previous. Also Mansi motivated me a lot for this… BTW i used to weight 61 Kg till I came here and kept till 65 Kg till I got married in 2006. Then as usual my weight increased and got it to 79 KG, so 36 years and one kid…. I had to push hard to get back to normal and for this the competition was a good reason….. Started again with light exercise and cardio for 1st week in March-2013 then eventually pushed it up with 20 mins of cardio, 45 mins of hard physical exercise and 45 mins of heavy lifting in the gym. There were 40 members from my floor for the competition and eventually I came 3rd and below are my actual readings which you can copy paste and see in excel. All contributed 50 CAD and the first 3 winners could get the pot. I won 310 dollars as 3rd and donated those monies in India and here….. as of today Nov-10, I still weigh 71 Kgs which is what I dropped on to…. felt good…!


    Initial Reading

    Last reading & rating

    Age (years)
    Height (inches)

    Weight (lbs)
    Reading date
    Fat (%)
    -Evan’s scale
    Reading date
    Scale (#)

    Weight (lbs)
    Fat (%)
    -Evan’s scale
    (C) Reading date
    Scale (#)

    % Change (initial fat reading – last reading)/initial reading*100
    % wt Change
    $ 50.00
    Jevin Shah



    $ 50.00

  2. It was a nice observation in an early morning walk. People hardly find such time when they go on such activities. Nice to see it.

  3. Morning walks are really very healthy and mind refreshing….
    But didn’t knew they can be funny too… :)…
    Even the tips at the end are very helpful….

  4. Great observation indeed!!! Infact this is one of the way of making the morning walks more interesting…:-) The tips are helpful and interesting. Motivated to start my morning walks again…..though it may not be Race course but would make sure I start from tomorrow itself….

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience with us sir..It motivates me for walking and exercise in the early morning(..and also i requires to do it). Your tips will help for taking maximum benefit from morning workout.

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