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Hello World .. again…

Well its feel really good to start blogging again..

About time to share with many friends and colleagues in the world and how it has changed since I last wrote this space.

The world since then has become Social… Facebook . Twitter and LinkedIn are dominating….the world of business and we would be naive if we will ignore it any further. The charms of getting new  education online has allured me and I completed three courses on Coursera and .. enjoyed all three..It felt good to go back to school once again.. and that too online.. I would encourage all to do so..The topics and the teachers are both fascinating.

Food captured my attention for a long time and I have been a chronic foodie.. Staying in Ahmadabad has its charms and the cuisine here is world standard .. everyday. I have enjoyed staple fare from Moroccan, Lebanese, Thai , Indian and many other cuisine  here. Surprisingly this is now available on street side mobile vans. It is a great change to be seen in the rest of India. Food channels are enjoying immense popularity and Indian food is integrated into the same global fusion. WE will soon see new Master chefs. A melting pot like no other.. Love unites but Food .. blends… long live gastronomy.

Health .. as someone wrote is something you rue when you no longer have it. But just at the stroke of dawn I started becoming more health conscious and now I am in the process of losing weight ( much needed) , know the good and bad foods ( manage both well) as well as into the exercise mode too. Regularly.. A leaner, fitter Me is developing .. albeit slowly but surely. I am sure all this means that I am charting a better path for myself.

Business is taking up a lot of my time but it is here that i will make better strides. Consolidation, growth financial fitness and many other things are being bandied around in my brain and I am working on all of them .. together.. yes.. multitasking..We are doing well and rapid strides in the education space are made. We are into  more products, more team members and better team of young  professionals. Some doing well , some exceptionally well. Many growth paths are being charted for a brave new world..I have the responsibility of shaping, nurturing , molding and of course caring for the career paths of many young people working under me. It is a custodians role I have with a lot of trust and exemplification needed to be a beacon of light for them-  It is a tough mantle to don.

Since the last few years much has changed but I have now started thinking more deeply into taking paths less familiar..

I would say the journey is just beginning.

Ajesh Kamania

9th November 2013





5 thoughts on “Back to Blogging

  1. Its a great blog to start with and covered good amount of information with regards to last 4 yrs.
    Liked the physical fitness regime you started.

  2. We have enjoyed eating with you . Whenever I need to think about my lunch or dinner in A’bad , just call up helpline ” Ajesh” and Lo !!! all the details are available including the price of the dish # * * # that’s really Greattt

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