The Great CL adventure.

Well today we have three eggs in the CL Basket. They are in Jamnagar, Rajkot and Ahmedabad. All are focused on Entrance exam prepapartion. What is our experience? Good , Bad or Rocking….

Somewhere along the line there have been great learnings and motivation by CL. We caught the bandwagon at a time when everything was on an upswing. And we also put in agreat deal of effort. Team building, Outbounds, hard work, positive attitude and all those things started and came up. Results showed up and so did the success in Regional MBA like GCET.

Now we have to find out newer places to go and better things to do.. Is it building a school or maybe doing something more exciting??
What has been our learning all the way.How much more can be done….

A lot of credit to the great inspiration from Satya and the wonderful friends in CL like GP, Nikhil, Sujit and Sreeni plus Himashu et al…

Your great support has been a wonderful advantage for us…Thanks