The homecoming of the fledglings..

It is one of the exciting moments of life.. To welcome home a child every time they come home..this is one of the great joys of life..

The father is counting days and hours and wishing soon my kid will be home. All days become moments of fun and happiness. Even strangers wonder why this guy is smiling to himself . So much of planning going on in his head.. A whirr of activity happening  till the little ones land.

 How will they know? 
Of course every waking moment revolves around the moment the kid’s flight is homeward bound and waiting for touch down at the  airport. 

The. Mother has her own methods. She will spruce and clean up the house. She will dust and mop and arrange and  rearrange the entire house. Sometimes turning everything and everyone upside down.

She will plan and prepare the child’s favourite meal and keep her room ready. More is her anxiety and awaiting at the child’s homecoming. She is quiet, methodical and composed and collected in her own dignified way. God bless mothers. 

The rest of the house is also doing something small and big to ensure that the homecoming is splendid and memorable. It is a celebration like no other. The uncles and aunts are also planning those special small things to make the coming day memorable and a big occasion.

But who is the one who is gearing up more than anyone.

Sometimes the one person is the grandmother. 

She has informed all her old foggy friends that my little baby is on her way home. She is coming on so and so date. She has offered special prayers and blessings and planned a temple visit for the child too. So things come to a head for her too. It is one special day in her life too. And she is determined to make the best out of it.

Oh dear. How we look forward to those nice days.

Welcome home.. Little one..the smiles are awaiting.. The hugs of welcome and the tears of happiness. Aloha.


Robotics: Making a generational shift

Career Jumps

Robotics as a Career  stirred the human imagination especially after the successful Star Wars movie series . The cute and lovable R2D2 and C3PO  were the droid robots  who with their antics made life better for the Robotic world. And this gave many people a huge change in mind shifts about what Robots could do in the future.

Indian Engineering colleges have many Robotics competes for their Tech fests and  that is far as these engineers may go. But many of them get serious and start looking around. In the USA  many Universities offer concentration in the field of Robotics. Most of them are aligned with the Mechanical engineering depts.  of the university.

A career in Robotics will take a student  far as these careers are linked with the future growth in the engineering profession. Robotics is an amalgam of Mechanical and Electronics and needs a person to understand human…

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The Winter Secrets

Secrets of Winter..

Winter is setting in and this period is the onset of chilly weather in a large part of the world. The  Northern Hemisphere gets bouts of cold weather this time around. It is a good season for many who can afford to keep themselves warm and tedium for those who can’t.

But there are certain things I found that were helpful.. Here’s my share of secrets.

  1. Kidney stones. Winter is a time when our water consumption reduces severly. .this exacerbates those who have had previous round of Kidney Stones. So those who have this problem.. Beware.. Drink lots of water .. Even if you are not thirsty..particularly at meal times. This is one very important advice to avoid a chronic occurrence.
  2. Socks. Some can have severe levels of ..ugh…. And somehow they are totally unaware of it.Much to the discomfort of those in their surroundings.  How to overcome this?? The root cause of this is that like our hands even our feet perspire and in winter they don’t dry quickly.  So the best thing is to leave shoes in the little bit of sun that is around ( and even the socks too) . This dries the perspiration and odour naturally. Also for severe sweaty guys , a bit of talcum in shoes and socks helps a lot ..please…
  3.  Carrots.. Best for the eye .. High level of beta-carotene is found in carrot in winter. Gives good quality for Vitamin A for the eyes.. Of course the Gajjar halwa  helps..and many other Carrot dishes abound in this time..Right time for mothers to prep up their kids with the same.
  4.  Moisturizer. Use them well. Select the good ones. Apply generously on hands, face and yes  on lips ,legs and feet too. Good moisturizers retain their thickness and feel better if you put them in the refrigerator. Try it and see.. You are sure to enjoy the cold feel that has trapped in all the moisture. Apply moisturizers on slightly wet skin for effectiveness and long lasting nature.
  5. Comfort. Yes we feel very comfortable and our efficiency is very high in winter. Take this time to accelerate the work you can do in the short winter days.. And long winter nights..and enhance planning for the New Year and celebrate round the year ..

Have a great winter. Light up some lovely bonfires and enjoy the warmth.

 Ajesh Kamania

The morning walk.

Well having taken to morning walking these days I  find a lot of things about the people who come for the morning sojourn.

There are firstly the fashion conscious types. You can see them with the latest labels and they have the invariable earphones sticking out from their branded togs. They are the nouveau chic and the hep crowd just in from Dubai after the Diwali Holidays. The others are the real loud ones. They walk with their small radios, mobiles turned on at full volume. Can’t miss them at all.

But then the real serious ones are those that come in early and stay till late plus busy talking shop albeit a bit more loudly so that everyone is tuned into their broadcast and comments. Must eavesdrop into some of these conversations and get a few market tips and gossip.

But the keep fit all the time  ones are  aplenty. A 3 km walk around the Race Course Ring road can do wonders for the observation powers of us. We see the long lost friends and the real fast walkers. Some of them are able to keep on walking and shouting ” Hey  doc..” and then I look at him bewildered and though not a Doc I realize he has mistaken me for someone else..All I pray is that this will happen only once as otherwise the wife who now started walking with me.. ( more seriously ) will start doubting me and my double life.. After all these TV soaps always have these archetypes who introduce a long lost spouse, lady love  after 50 episodes..or so.

Well let me end with a few tips on how to do good in the daily walk for maximum benefit.

1. A strong brisk walk in the morning of 3 kms of 30 minutes. Target to do 2 rounds after 2 months. This should be started with light exercises and end with the same

2. A Medium pace walk in the evening BEFORE dinner of at least 20 minutes plus. Helps to clear away days worries, builds a light appetite and gets you comfortable to sleep

3. Cardio. Exercises  light weights with dumbells, 20 push ups, 10 minutes Yogic deep breathing in the terrace at least twice a week for all round circulation and Brain food.

So here we go and let us attain deep oxygen, less stress and better ability to face the bigger challenges.

Have fun and a Happy walking day.

Ajesh Kamania

“When in doubt-…

“When in doubt-, don’t.”  “

These poignant words have a lot of meaning.

It can help you for example while you are speaking to someone in anger  on whether you will do lasting damage about whether you should reveal the whole story right away or to wait. and let the truth find its way out …

Or while crossing the road and if in doubt whether the time is right to cross or not.. and if in doubt… to please  wait. Otherwise.. risk being run over..

So my dear friends.. remember that Patience is a big virtue.. so please WAIT….

Ajesh Kamania

Back to Blogging

Hello World .. again…

Well its feel really good to start blogging again..

About time to share with many friends and colleagues in the world and how it has changed since I last wrote this space.

The world since then has become Social… Facebook . Twitter and LinkedIn are dominating….the world of business and we would be naive if we will ignore it any further. The charms of getting new  education online has allured me and I completed three courses on Coursera and .. enjoyed all three..It felt good to go back to school once again.. and that too online.. I would encourage all to do so..The topics and the teachers are both fascinating.

Food captured my attention for a long time and I have been a chronic foodie.. Staying in Ahmadabad has its charms and the cuisine here is world standard .. everyday. I have enjoyed staple fare from Moroccan, Lebanese, Thai , Indian and many other cuisine  here. Surprisingly this is now available on street side mobile vans. It is a great change to be seen in the rest of India. Food channels are enjoying immense popularity and Indian food is integrated into the same global fusion. WE will soon see new Master chefs. A melting pot like no other.. Love unites but Food .. blends… long live gastronomy.

Health .. as someone wrote is something you rue when you no longer have it. But just at the stroke of dawn I started becoming more health conscious and now I am in the process of losing weight ( much needed) , know the good and bad foods ( manage both well) as well as into the exercise mode too. Regularly.. A leaner, fitter Me is developing .. albeit slowly but surely. I am sure all this means that I am charting a better path for myself.

Business is taking up a lot of my time but it is here that i will make better strides. Consolidation, growth financial fitness and many other things are being bandied around in my brain and I am working on all of them .. together.. yes.. multitasking..We are doing well and rapid strides in the education space are made. We are into  more products, more team members and better team of young  professionals. Some doing well , some exceptionally well. Many growth paths are being charted for a brave new world..I have the responsibility of shaping, nurturing , molding and of course caring for the career paths of many young people working under me. It is a custodians role I have with a lot of trust and exemplification needed to be a beacon of light for them-  It is a tough mantle to don.

Since the last few years much has changed but I have now started thinking more deeply into taking paths less familiar..

I would say the journey is just beginning.

Ajesh Kamania

9th November 2013




The Great CL adventure.

Well today we have three eggs in the CL Basket. They are in Jamnagar, Rajkot and Ahmedabad. All are focused on Entrance exam prepapartion. What is our experience? Good , Bad or Rocking….

Somewhere along the line there have been great learnings and motivation by CL. We caught the bandwagon at a time when everything was on an upswing. And we also put in agreat deal of effort. Team building, Outbounds, hard work, positive attitude and all those things started and came up. Results showed up and so did the success in Regional MBA like GCET.

Now we have to find out newer places to go and better things to do.. Is it building a school or maybe doing something more exciting??
What has been our learning all the way.How much more can be done….

A lot of credit to the great inspiration from Satya and the wonderful friends in CL like GP, Nikhil, Sujit and Sreeni plus Himashu et al…

Your great support has been a wonderful advantage for us…Thanks